New Zealand, Day 8: Wai-o-tapu

Today, I made my way from Rotorua to Wai-o-tapu, a "geothermal wonderland". There are shuttles available, however they are very expensive, and as we were four people, we took a taxi and split the cost. Wai-o-tapu was definitely worth the money. For $20, you get to spend the entire day in the park - and … Continue reading New Zealand, Day 8: Wai-o-tapu

New Zealand, Day 7: Rotorua

Rotorua is known for its geothermal activity. As soon as we arrived, a smell of rotten eggs infiltrated our bus. There is so much geothermal activity, that there are boiling sulphur lakes in almost every backyard and all the gutters. Just driving through the city, you can see large clouds of mist behind every second … Continue reading New Zealand, Day 7: Rotorua

New Zealand, Day 6: Waitomo

Today, we left Hot Water Beach for Waitomo. On our way we stopped to take a 60-minute hike to the Karangahahe Gorge. First, we had to cross a very wobbly bridge, and then we made our way through the woods (it was raining). After walking uphill for a while, we ended up in an old … Continue reading New Zealand, Day 6: Waitomo

New Zealand, Day 2: Auckland

The second day in Auckland. I got up pretty late, mainly because I was still a little jetlagged, but partly because my roommates just couldn't keep quiet.  Just like the day before, I didn't have a concrete plan, so I walked around for a little before heading to the harbour. Both queen's wharf and princes … Continue reading New Zealand, Day 2: Auckland

New Zealand, Day 1: Auckland

After three flights, 23 hours of flight time, and 34 hours of total travel time, I finally arrived in Auckland. The view from the airplane was absolutely stunning and I was eager to leave the airport - but apparently, the airport wasn't ready to let me go just yet: I got stopped at customs.  If … Continue reading New Zealand, Day 1: Auckland

5 apps to help you find someone to travel the world with

If you are looking for a travel buddy but you will only take your phone with you on the road, it is probably easier to use an app than to search websites for a travel companion. So here are 5 free apps that help you find that perfect travel buddy.   1. Travelmate android only On … Continue reading 5 apps to help you find someone to travel the world with

6 foods to try in Germany

Germany might not be known for its amazingly delicious food (probably because it's too specific in taste) but if you do travel there, definitely try the following few things. Especially in the southern part of Germany, Bavaria, these dishes can be found in every city and even in small villages.   1. Knödel This dish … Continue reading 6 foods to try in Germany