Surfing In Bali

Ah the rush of the ocean.

If ever you need a reminder that you are weak, tiny and immortal, go surfing!

These pics are from some years back – My magical months spent in Bali. I took eight surfing lessons with an excellent local teacher in Canguu.

Pic from one of my surf lessons
That post-surf high
And a fabulous black eye I got from my board

The Best Things About Surfing In Bali

  • Water as warm as a bath tub (no need for a wetsuit!)
  • Beautiful views, especially sunset on the water
  • Challenging – if you can get up on your board you may just feel like a superhero!

I surfed at Old Man’s Beach. It’s pretty busy and famous… even more so now I’m sure. (I was there in 2015.) The most incredible feeling is when you come in from the water, feeling like you can take on the world. And the sleep you get after an evening surf is second only to death.

Travel Buddies

I met some wonderful fellow travelers while I was in Canguu. Later I’ll share some videos from that time. But for now, here’s a short video of our picnic on the beach my last night in Bali.

Fond memories of Bali

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